Imagine a world without glass ceilings

A world where young men and women from all walks of life have equal opportunities to achieve their full potential.
In the Moshal Program, this world is a reality.
Moshal Program alumni are leading important social projects, becoming role models for the next generation
A robust community of over 1,200 alumni building impressive careers in hospitals, hi-tech companies, and top organisations worldwide
Engineering, medicine, mathematics, commerce and computer science undergrads changing their lives through higher education, paving the way to a bright future and promising career
Young men and women with exceptional abilities, who are motivated and determined to make a real positive difference in their lives

Numbers that make a difference

550 students
in the top universities in South Africa
working in leading companies and major hospitals
dropout rate
A significantly lower average compared to the general dropout percentage (in 2022).
salary increase
Moshal alumni can expect to earn 5 times more than their parents in their first job after university

On the path to the best possible start

Funding the most in-demand degrees at the top universities in SA
Because that’s how we empower intergenerational social mobility
One-on-one support throughout the degree
Because every student has unique needs
Career guidance
Directing senior students along the correct career paths, to create promising careers
Professional workshops and training
Developing the soft skills required to succeed in challenging work environments
Additional English training
Because English is not our students home language
CV writing skills, mock interviews & vac work opportunities
Helping students transition from university to the world of work

Moshal Program alumni