What we do

The Moshal Program is much more than a scholarship program

We are a global organisation operating in South Africa and Israel, working for social change, providing thousands of young people from challenging, disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds with an unparalleled opportunity to turn their lives around through higher education.

The Program was founded jointly by philanthropist Martin Moshal, an entrepreneur and businessman known for investing in leading real estate, hi-tech, and innovation companies who is also a founding partner of the Entrée Capital VC fund, and Yael Lavie, an executive with extensive experience in the worlds of finance and real estate, who currently serves as chairperson of the Moshal Program and of Bar-Lev Hi-Tech Park.

More than education

The Moshal Program provides students of exceptional abilities, motivation, and determination a holistic support package that includes funding alongside personal and professional guidance, and hands-on training. This enables them to complete their academic studies and gain the qualifications needed for high-demand, high-income professions, ensuring they will be able to excel in the challenging, competitive work environment of the 21st century.

We create opportunities

We are committed to bridging the gap between a challenging past and a promising future. Since 2010, the Moshal Program has been dedicated to enabling individuals to transform their lives through higher education.

We are a social transformation organizations which provides opportunities to promising individuals, and then supports them as they overcome their unique challenges and build prosperous futures for themselves.

The program is about more than providing funding to study or helping financially disadvantaged young people gain access to higher education. Although the Moshal Program focuses on those who would not have access to the opportunities, Moshal scholars are selected for their potential which shines through. It is about identifying young men and women from challenging backgrounds who have what it takes to truly thrive, yet don’t have access to the opportunities that they require.