Pay it forward

Moshal scholars, alumni and the team are leading various social projects – projects that share a common vision of paying it forward.

The Moshal way

Pay it forward, wherever and whenever you have the opportunity to help others. It doesn’t have to be in money. It can be in time, advice or effort… If you are determined to realise your potential and to change your life and the lives of those around you, I will be there for you and together we can pay it forward and make a difference – Martin Moshal .

Our students and alumni volunteer inside the Program, their communities or help others in need. Whether it be food or clothing drives, mentoring younger scholars and more.

Moshal Program.

Moshal Dreamers Outreach

Our students and alumni go back to schools in their communities to educate high school students on university options, applying to university and the Moshal Program. Inspiring and providing opportunity those that come after them.

Moshal dreamers are motivated, determined young people from challenging socio-economic backgrounds, who are seeking to change their lives through higher education. These are people who possess the potential for academic success in the courses that we fund and need the Moshal Program scholarship in order to attain that degree.

These highly motivated young people dream of making a significant change in their lives and in their families overall circumstances, and also understand the value of paying it forward in their communities.

Moshal Program.

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